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3 indicted in Kingman, Arizona on possession of herion

The Mohave County Grand Jury handed down indictments for three people last Thursday. The indictments were a part of a drug charges case. All three individuals had been arrested on April, with possession of heroin being one of the charges against them.

The arrests and indictments came after an extensive drug investigation that involved multiple agencies. The findings of that investigation led law enforcement officers to go to a home on North Diamond Street in Kingman, Arizona, and serve a search warrant there. When they did, they allegedly found drugs and drug paraphernalia.

Judge sanctions an Arizona man accused of Internet crimes

Internet crimes comprise a variety of categories such as wire fraud and sex crimes, and now a complicated "Internet intimidation" case is making news in Arizona. Last month, a Maricopa County Superior Court judge imposed several sanctions against a Valley man at the center of two federal and several state lawsuits accusing him of operating an extortion racket on the Internet. The defendant is said to be representing himself in court against these allegations.

The 52-year-old man is alleged to control websites that host information about sex offenders and charge a fee to remove the information. It is also said that the websites did not always take down sex offender profiles even after payments were made. Those who complained were allegedly subjected to harassment, according to one news report.

Defendant in murder case accused of another homicide

All acts of violence in Arizona are taken seriously. Of course, the public is often particularly troubled when a young person endures an assault or when an offender commits violence on repeated occasions. Both apparently are involved in a current case where an inmate who is charged with killing a 12-year-old boy is now accused of stabbing a cellmate to death.

The 12-year-old was the inmate's brother. When that murder occurred, he allegedly told police that he simply felt like killing at that time. Now, he has been charged with first-degree murder after reportedly stabbing his cellmate, inflicting fatal injuries on the man in other ways with various items. The items used included a golf pencil and a plastic playing card.

Violent crimes: Maricopa number 8 in safest Arizona cities

Apparently, there is a little room for improvement in reducing violent crimes in the Maricopa area as our city ranks in at number eight on a list of Arizona's safest cities. On the flip side of the coin, a number eight ranking is pretty good by most people's standards.

Movoto Real Estate recently released a list ranking Arizona cities by how safe they are for residents. Reportedly, the real estate company utilized the 2012 FBI statistics for property and violent crimes in 42 Arizona cities that have a population of at least 10,000 people. Movato chose 2012 because it was the most recent year available with documented statistics.

Drug arrests made by Arizona police

Arizona authorities are working hard to address illegal activity in the state. This includes constant investigations into cases that might result in drug charges, like a recent one in Peoria, Arizona. That case has now led to the arrest of four suspects.

Four of them, ages 41, 44, 23 and 29 face drug possession charges, according to a recent statement by a police spokesperson. A fifth individual, 49, was also arrested but on an outstanding warrant. The first four were arrested after police conducted a month-long investigation. That investigation specifically looked into sales of drugs from the home they were arrested at, which is on Kirby Street.

Arizona woman arrested for child sexual assault of teen boy

Last Thursday, March 20, a 23-year-old Arizona woman was arrested and now must face sex crime charges that include child molestation, sexual conduct with a minor, posing as a minor for sex and unlawful age representation. The police reported that the woman approached approximately 20 children on the Internet while pretending to be a teenager and allegedly confessed to having sexual contact with two minors.

The woman reportedly met the 13-year-old teenager connected with this case in a Phoenix mall and told him she was 15-years-old. The two went on to have sex several times over a six-month period. The case began when the youth's mother contacted the police and reported the woman had lied to her son about her age and had allegedly transmitted an STD to her son. Police reportedly responded by setting up a telephone call between the accused and the teen's mother. During the phone call, the accused allegedly told the teen's mother she was pregnant, but police have not yet confirmed if this is true.

Suspected drug dealers nabbed by Peoria police

In various areas of Arizona, a wide variety of illegal substances are sold. One that has been prevalent for years is crystal methamphetamine. Recently, two Peoria, Arizona, residents suspected of selling the substance were arrested by local police on drug charges.

The suspects in the case are a man, 55, and a woman, 57. The charges they face include possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of a weapon with drugs and dangerous drugs for sale. They will need to face all of those charges in court and decide what plea to enter for each one.

Phoenix woman arrested for murder in fatal car jacking incident

Last Tuesday, a female passenger was arrested in a carjacking incident on first-degree murder charges after a police chase ended with officers shooting the man who was driving the car. The man had brandished what turned out to be a pellet gun during the chase when a police officer shot and killed him in downtown Phoenix. The woman, who had no weapon, was subsequently taken into custody for murder and armed robbery in connection with the driver's death.

Using a helicopter and unmarked cars, police had been following the pair in a stolen pickup truck, according to a sergeant with the Phoenix police department. The pursuit allegedly led to a downtown parking garage near First Avenue and Jefferson Street where the two fugitives abandoned the stolen pickup and took a Ford Escape SUV at gunpoint.

Former inmate allegedly assaults detention officer

Violent crimes usually draw the attention of the public, including in Arizona. One reason for this is that people worry about their physical safety and that of their families even more than they do about their homes, cars and other possessions. Thus, news of such crimes invokes primordial fear pf personal danger. Correspondingly, people pay attention when they hear about violent crimes such as a recent Arizona assault case where a man who had been previously incarcerated wound up going back to jail.

In this case, the man is alleged to have instigated a fight with a detention officer. This occurred outside a business called Dollar General, which is located on W. Thatcher Blvd in Safford, Arizona. Because of the fight, a motorcycle in the parking lot was knocked over.

Darren Sharper faces Arizona sexual assault charges

Darren Sharper was an All-Pro safety when he still played in the National Football League, but he was released by the New Orleans Saints this offseason when speculation about sexual assault charges began to come up. The speculation is now over, however, as Sharper has been indicted by a grand jury in Arizona. The grand jury found sufficient evidence to levy the charges for an incident that occurred on Nov. 21.

This is not the only case that is pending against the former football player. There are also possible sexual assault cases in four other states: Louisiana, Florida, California and Nevada.

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